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With Our Deepest Gratitude

The Purpose of God Annex Outreach Center has a very long history within the Beaufort County community of North Carolina. We began in 1999 and have run without interruption through rain, sleet, and snow. We have brought food to the underprivileged, out-of-reach, and downtrodden. Homes have been given to the 'ineligible'. We have helped thousands  of 'unemployable' and  'underqualified' individuals obtain long term employment. Beginning in 2019, the Annex has taken to giving out housing items, furniture, and appliances for absolutely free from those who no longer need them.

While we would like to believe that well wishes and pats on the back would suffice to keep such a huge undertaking, that is simply unrealistic and not possible. Maintenance on vehicles and facilities, equipment for pick up and delivery, sanitation items, and even nutrition options for the children all come with a financial cost.

This is where the beloved contributions of our donors have come in. We are overjoyed with the continued support from contributors that help us push through another year of success. Through the Grace of GOD, and all that He has individually touched upon to open their hearts to the mission and Purpose of God, we thank you. For those that have spread the word and opened doors, thank you. And to all those who will come in the future, thank you.

While our work focuses on the Beaufort County, North Carolina we turn no one away with a need. If you experienced anything to warm your heart, we ask that you please donate what you can, be it monetary, furniture, appliances, food, and etc. Or you can spread the word of the Purpose of God Annex. In this way others may see what we do and become a recipient of our services or possibly support a worthy cause .

While a generous portion of our funds come from individual contributions, we acknowledge and thank the various foundations and organizations for their grant awards. Below you will see a list of our successful grantors for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

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Let’s Work Together

If you would like to be a donor or have other questions you can reach out to us below.

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