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Mission Statement


The Mission of "The Annex" is to empower and expand opportunities for all children. This includes disadvantaged and/or at risk youth, adults, and their families. We provide affordable programs and services that improve their overall well-being, such as functioning and quality of life. These programs promote educational, pre-employment, vocational, personal spiritual, athletic, and culture enrichment and development.



  • HSE or Continuing Education: for high school drop-outs ages 16 & up 

  • On the Job Training & Employability Skills & Opportunities: for ages 16-55 who want to learn how to get and keep a job.

  • Job Placement- For ages 16 - 55

  • Community Service: Participants learn the attitude of giving and the value of supporting the community who supports them.

  • Human Resource Development: Participants learn about their purpose, how to deal with and control anger and frustration, how to market themselves, how to re-establish their credibility in society and also how to be dependable, dedicated, devoted and determined.

Our collaborative partners/employers include: Beaufort County Courthouse, CITI 9 TV Advertisements, Local Temp Agencies  (Such as Executive Personnel Group, Mega Force Staffing, NC Works, Professional Staffing Solutions, Ready Hire Staffing,)  Probation & Parole Department, Ruth’s House (And other Women's Shelters), Social Media (Facebook), Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR), Washington Daily News, Word-of-Mouth, Work First from the Department of Social Services (DSS),  Zion Men’s Shelter (And other Men's Shelters), and many more!

Bishop & Mother Jones

Focusing on Intellectual Property in the following areas:

This program provides services for young adults and adults 95% who may have felonies, former criminal activity or 5% may need just guidance. It is our goal to encourage our community business owners and officials to help us give our economically depressed communities that are faced with high crime incidents to take a second look at the way we support or don’t support our young adults. Whatever the streets have and are offering our young adults, we must be prepared to compete with them in educating, employment, and reconstructing the person through teaching them how to become resourceful, responsible and appreciative. We must help them to experience self worth, unselfishness, pride and a sense of accomplishment. They need a family instead of a gang. The monies we spend on our taxes to better our cities, towns, and communities, we can either continue to take the easy road and build jails and prisons or we can spend money rebuilding our young adults who will in turn build our cities and towns. Through this program we hope to market their success and in doing so, leave the door open for someone else who may have become weary of that pattern of life and have a desire to get out.

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