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Summer Youth Program

Our Youth Services are an abundance of programs. We offer academic assistance, behavior modification, bible basics, and so much more. If you would like to know more about a particular program please contact us during our operating hours.

  • Summer Program 

    • June - August 9AM - 5PM​​​​

    • Ages 6-12

  • T.a.T (Teach a Teen)

    • June - August​

    • 13-15


As the school year draws to a close, the summer program comes alive at the Annex. Ten weeks of outdoor activities, academic stimulation, behaviorial improvement, and spiritual enrichment. Our summer students will have access to an arcade, basketball courts, a computer lab, a pool, trampolines, obstacle courses. And that is only what can be found on-site! We partner with other summer camps to expand their experiences throughout the ten weeks. In between that time, we do lite academic activities covering core school projects including math, science, and the arts.



TaT (Teach a Teen) is an exciting program designed to provide valuable job preparedness opportunities to teens aged 13-15. This program teaches teens about getting ready for the workforce.  They will be taught how to complete an application and keep track of their work hours. Teens will shadow staff all summer long acting as teacher's aides, greeters, office assistants, and more. All the while the participants will receive a bi-weekly stipend, much as they would in the workplace.

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