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Adopt a Child Today!

 For a variety of reasons parents are not able to afford program fees. The Purpose of God Annex does not want to turn any child back onto the streets; however, we are not a babysitting facility.  We are asking your help to provide financial support for one of these children.

     For only $100 a month, $300 every four mouths, or $1200 a year you
     can Adopt a Child for one year.    

All contributions are tax-deductible

•    If you wish to have your bank automatically send checks from your account, please provide the information below to your bank.

   Name:        Purpose of God Annex
   Address:        1015 East Sixth Street
   City, State Zip:    Washington, NC 27889
   Phone:        252 974-1484

•    If you wish to mail your personal check monthly, please send to the address above.


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